Fixer Upper Kitchens Season 4

Fixer Upper Kitchens – Season 4

Since Chip and Joanna Gaines have announced that Season 5 would be their last I decided to do a post on their fabulous Fixer Upper kitchens. I love their show and I’m going to miss it, but I can understand why they made the decision to end it. What a whirlwind their lives must be; hardly a moment to breathe.

Another reason I was inspired to post about Fixer Upper is that I’ve recently been lucky enough to work with one of my favorite client’s again: Kristi Russo. We started working together several years ago and now we’re going to update her kitchen. She love’s Fixer Upper too, so part of the inspiration to do this post was to get ideas from these impressive kitchens.

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I love Drapes

I love Drapes

It’s no secret that I LOVE drapes!  A big part of my business is designing and installing window treatments. You can give any room in a boost with beautiful drapes and the draperies you choose go a long way toward giving your room personality.

When designing a room there are many layers but the one that makes the biggest impact is the window treatments.  The other elements are super important too; paint, rugs, furniture,  art, and accessories but the drapes are always the icing on the cake.

What can be more lovely than volumes of beautiful fabric that add softness to a room and are functional as well if you choose to use them as your window coverings? If you prefer decorative side panels; pair them with blinds or a shade for a perfect combination. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

Summer is winding down and I really hate to see it go.  Even though we’ve had some really hot days, this is my favorite time of year and my outdoor spaces become really important since we spend more and more time outside. 

My house is never going to look as perfect as these beautiful homes, but we can all steal ideas from theses inspiring outdoor spaces! I hope you find some ideas that you can use for your house.

There’s not much reading here, just lots of beautiful photos. Be sure to scroll to the end, some of my favorites are last. I hope you find something to inspire you for your own home.

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Color Palette Selecting Paint Colors

Creating a Color Palette – Selecting Wall Paint

Softly Modern Color Palette paint colors for your home can be a intimidating experience. This is how I begin when I’m designing a space. Believe it or not, the wall color is the LAST finish that I select. Hopefully these tips will make it a little easier for you to select your color palette. Continue reading

Favorite Blue Rooms with Bold Color – Part 2

Entryway with custom panels and blue and white porcelain on an 1880s console Blue Rooms

Entryways set the tone for the spaces to come in your home and these entry’s do just that. Welcome to Blue Rooms with Bold Color Part 2! I have collected so many photos of beautiful blue rooms that I adore so I’ve had a hard time editing them down into a post that isn’t too long. So today, I’m sharing entryways, hallways, kitchens and bedrooms. I’ll save bathrooms for another day. Aren’t they rich and beautiful? I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Continue reading

Favorite Blue Rooms with Bold color – Part 1

Entryway with Bold Blue color Beautiful

Rooms with bold, blue color are huge right now, and I’m not surprised. Navy and deep indigo have been hot interior colors for a few years and will continue to be in 2017. I consider navy blue to be a neutral, and it’s completely classic. Rich, bold blue pairs well with so many other colors. It’s crisp when paired with white, soothing when used on it’s own, and exciting when used with pops of orange, green, yellow or pink. Bold blue rooms are hot!

Blue rooms have become my newest favorites and I’ve decided to use turquoise extensively throughout my new home. I’ll share more on the turquoise spaces later but today, its fabulous navy and indigo blue rooms!

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Light & Bright: Beautiful White Kitchens

Cottage Style Kitchen with Calcutta Marble and a Farmhouse Sink

I’ve been in love with white kitchens since I can remember. They can be traditional, modern and anywhere in between. I love white kitchens because they are timeless, light, bright, fresh and clean. I also love rich wood cabinets, but when it comes to my own kitchen, I choose white. 

We recently bought a home that’s in really rough shape but has a lot of potential. It sits on a beautiful piece of land and I’ve been longing to quit boarding my horses and keep them at home. The house has an open floor plan, a fabulous view, and really high (10 foot) ceilings in almost every room. We’ve made some improvements but I haven’t updated the kitchen so I am constantly on the look out for ideas.  

Some of these kitchens are so beautiful, they take my breath away!

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New Web Shop – Drapes and Design

We recently opened our new web shop… now we can help clients no matter where they live.
We offer custom made drapes, roman shades, pillows, hardware and E- Decorating all at affordable pricing.  Visit our site at or call us at 951-699-0760.

Products offered by Drapes and Design

Drapes and Design Products

My Favorite Bedding

I recently returned from a trip to Texas where I helped one of my clients decorate her new home. And what an incredible home it is! We have all heard that everything is bigger in Texas, and believe me, it is!

Decorating a new home can be overwhelming but I think we got a good start.  Fortunately, she has lots of fine furniture, good artwork, and accessories that they have collected over the years. We just needed some new interior design ideas to make her possessions work in her new home. We started by hanging her artwork in new and creative ways. Then I moved on to arranging her family room bookshelves.  

My client wanted a new look in the master bedroom so naturally we started with the bed since it is the focal point of the room. I went to one of my favorite resource’s for custom bedding; Eastern Accents. I love to create truly custom bedding, but you can’t lose when you select one of their ensembles. We chose the Perilla collection and my client loves it.

Bedding 1

This is so easy. The ensemble includes everything we needed for a beautiful bed, soft colors, shimmering fabrics, a ruffled skirt and tastefully embellished pillows.  My client loves traditional design, but we have lots of choices when it comes to modern design too.






Bedding 2

Now all we need are drapes, shades for the existing lamps, artwork and the room will really sing! If you would like to create YOUR perfect bedroom, let me know, I would love to help.






Images via Eastern Accents